More honours and The Rule Book

16 September 2015

And today, I awoke to yet more honours – No. 8 in the Canadian Rockstars list! Thank you so much to all the Canadian voters. Another interesting list of ‘stars’…. it’s almost like the Oscars this week in the genealogy world. I have travelled to Canada three times in the last year to deliver workshops and lectures for various events and I am always treated like royalty! That’s the Canadian way…. It’s like England was thirty years ago, in my opinion…

Tomorrow, the Top Ten for the UK will be published and I await this one with great interest. Yes, clearly I know who will be at the top of it – that’s already been announced! – but who else will feature in the great genies list for my home country? Will I agree with the majority vote….?!

Distractions have been plentiful today with a late post delivery (Dawn was suitably chastised – it’s a good job we know each other well!) and ‘phones which just would not stop ringing. When it did arrive, the post amused me enormously…. Amused?! Not a word I would normally link with the post. Let me explain.

Over the past few weeks, we have received various rather interesting documents which people think are acceptable to prove their identity. These have included insurance policy documents, short birth certificates (i.e. the ones without mother and father’s names recorded), out of date passports/driving licences and today, a full colour photograph of a potential beneficiary certified as a true likeness by a solicitor! Seriously…..! Strangely enough, none of these are accepted by the Government Legal Department, as I am sure many of you can work out for yourselves…. I don’t make The Rule Book. A higher being does that …. (hard to believe that there is a higher being than a Superstar I know, but it is true).

And so, onward towards the weekend. We are over the hump of the week and tomorrow, I will (personally) be heading north of FWL HQ. Not too far as I don’t want to get altitude sickness! Just the Midlands…. and back to (almost) my home town. Bring on The Business Networking Show – hope to see readers there…

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