Rockstar on the Road

17 September 2015

‘Tis true, this Rockstar has left the office. For a whole 24 hours. Will any work be done in my absence!? It darned well better be! …. I know for a fact that stacks of work will be generated and I will feel immensely guilty (when I get back) that the Team have had to ‘get on with it without me’. Award announcements this week have kept me busy on social media channels but now, it is time to get out there and meet real people. No more sitting at a desk and ‘hiding’ behind a keyboard or at the end of the telephone in my communications with the outside world. Tomorrow, is N-day – it’s The Business Networking Show. Time for the Rockstar to get out and hobnob …. I mean, network …. with 1,000 fellow business people from across the nation.

The wonderful thing for me is that I have never (to date) found myself in the same place as any of my competitors at networking events. How many business owners do you know who do what we do? The closest I have ever come to finding someone else ‘in my field’ at a meeting is Av Baines of Mea Fabula Films. We live fairly close to one another and so occasionally, are in the same place at the same time.

The Business Networking Show will give me a great platform to present my business to a whole host of new faces. I am here to educate them about who we are and tell stories about how we have changed lives. En route to Wolverhampton earlier, I was delighted to receive a call from a client/friend to congratulate me on my new found rock stardom. I commented on how surprised I was etc. etc. and he said, “But you have literally changed my life, Kirsty!” I was flummoxed.

So, is anyone you know looking for someone? Whoever it is, past or present, we can help. Tell them to look us up!

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