#4N works….

18 September 2015

As regular blog readers will know, today was a day out of the office for me (MD@FWL) at Wolverhampton Racecourse for The Business Networking Show. Although I attend network meetings at least once a week – more often than not, twice a week – I have never been to one of the large shows before and I only joined 4N earlier this year. So, this was a first for me and, knowing how reliable I am, the Area Leader for 4N (having been let down by others) put me in as ‘Group Coordinator‘! Hmm…. so much for just being a normal punter!

The breakfast meeting was booked for 40 people. We had the room set up by 7:15am (ready to start at 8am) and people rolled in from various localities and with a wide variety of business interests. During 4N meetings, you have the opportunity to hold three focussed one-to-one business meetings. My schedule quickly booked up, with all three meetings leading to opportunities for FWL.

There was little time between completion of the breakfast meeting and the set-up process for the lunch meeting but I did manage to wander briefly around the show itself, mingle with some people and catch a few people’s eyes for discussions later in the day. It is amazing how quickly the gap disappears between breakfast and lunch and suddenly another 4N meeting was upon us, with great leadership from Dave Turner (Gem Port Jewellery) and another three hot one-to-one meetings for me!

In some meetings, there were four or five accountants, a handful of social media experts and nearly half a dozen or so marketers/brand specialists. However, FWL were the only people tracers. I mentioned yesterday that I was up in Wolverhampton to make people aware of FWL’s existence. It worked. I would say that from attending today, we will probably have ten new clients over the next month and more over the forthcoming years. You know why? Because 4N works. Enough said.

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