Can I give you some advice?

23 September 2015

Each and every day, we give people help and advice. We help to break down solid brick walls in their family history, locate missing people and trace beneficiaries, and we advise them on how they might want to progress their searches. We are counsellors, bookkeepers, legal advisors, detectives, researchers, investigators and more, on a daily basis. When we are commissioned to complete work by clients, sometimes it can take twenty minutes and other times, twenty months! Why? Because no two jobs are the same.

I realise that it might be an obvious question when you are looking to get a new plug socket fitted, a new fuse board, a new boiler, a new bed, etc. … but the ‘how much will it cost?‘ question is slightly more difficult to answer when you ask us to find your half sibling, for example. The same is true if you give us a hypothetical situation…. We need hard facts and clear objectives from our clients in order to provide an accurate and realistic quote and even then, with many cases, costing has to be calculated in stages, once we know what we are dealing with. When we start out, we often have no idea which direction the research will take us.

You ask us to produce a family tree for you…. You ask, “How much will it cost?” Our answer will generally be along the lines of: How far back would you like us to go? How many family lines would you like us to focus on? Would you like to include copies of any military records available for your ancestors? And what about birth, marriage and death certificates? Do you want an exact date for each vital event in your family tree? So many questions, and until we know the answers, we are unable to answer your simple five word question!

That is why we don’t have costs listed here on our website. If you are interested in the services we provide, please can I give you some advice? Get in touch and we will provide a quote which is tailored to your particular requirements.

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