You are kidding, right? (Part 2)

27 September 2015

This week, we have found plenty more crazy references to share with you …. including a Jane X marrying a Mr Jane, for one example!! So, she became Jane Jane. That’s just ridiculous – you just wouldn’t take your husband’s name, surely!?!?

Searching FreeBMD, we located a Donkey Calder. What? Erm, no. It’s DONKIN Calder…. not that that is much better! Whoever s/he is/was, no reference can be located after his/her birth in 1926:


[Source image: GRO birth index, December quarter 1926]

There are a fair few mis-transcriptions of ‘Donkey’ for ‘Dorothy’ on Ancestry, including Eveline ‘Donkey’ Kate Green who married Harold James Maurice Schacht (?) in 1934:


Source image: Ancestry – Surrey Marriages 1754-1937

Heading back in time to the mid-nineteenth century, Idioth Bateman‘s birth was registered in 1851. It may be one of those well-known transcription errors from the original record to the handwritten alphabetical national indexes but, what could it possibly actually be?


[Source image: GRO birth index, March quarter 1851]

There are some pretty curious ‘double records’ as well. Horse D. Pincher and Horse D. P. Unknown…..? Died aged 30 in Basingstoke in 1905:


How do these records occur?! I fear it might be a bit like the Two males Yolland death we located earlier in the week – we may just have to purchase these two certificates to find out what is really going on!

And last but not least, the Clever people of this world – Clever Henry Cook born 1865 Stroud RD and Clever Page Williamson Adcock in 1854 in Barrow RD. As is often the case, no record is evident in the GRO indexes after the birth of these individuals. Perhaps they lost their cleverness? I do wonder what might have been said if they were anything but clever!!!

Nowt as queer as folk with regard to names of yesteryear! And they say that we call children some crazy names nowadays!!

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