Oh happy day….

30 September 2015

Today has been a very happy but very long day indeed in the land of FWL. Leaving home at 6:30am, I wended my  merry way to Weston-Super-Mare. Not a place I regularly frequent but 4N Weston was my 4Sighting debut …. The Missing Link had its first run out today and, although far from perfect, I think it might well be regaled at other venues, if requested. In fact, a slightly amended title might be more appropriate – The Misfits and the Missing Links. Further evaluation to be completed tomorrow before onward roll out to the nation….

Weston-Super-Mare is not ‘just around the corner’ from FWL HQ, though it was a pretty clear run this morning on the lovely M4/M5 roller coaster. Uneventful and arrived ahead of the crowds which is always good. Being a ‘niche’ business, many other members want to catch up and have a 1-2-1 meeting but sadly, there is only time for three appointments in one 4N meeting. Hey…. it’s better than nothing!

A brief visit to FWL HQ en route to the outer sphere of Swindon, I collected a letter from Natwest relating to one of our deceased estate cases. To say that the facts within the letter were less than correct would be the most polite way I could convey things…. Codswallop is an alternative. The ‘phone was red hot all afternoon from solicitors to beneficiaries and much more besides. A further 50 mile trip down the M4 to the outskirts of the sprawling conurbation which is Reading, and three hours of meetings with young people in the area before heading back to the office to ‘pick up the pieces’ of the day.

Being out for just one day leaves such a pile of work to be catching up on upon my return. Wednesday is going to hit me with a bang tomorrow – oops, today already – but every day is a Happy Day at FWL and I have a feeling that Wednesday may just be another awesome one…..

See you on the other side when the sun raises its head above the horizon again ….

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