Oh no, I’ve run out!!

1 October 2015

When I tell you, you will find it hard to believe. In the offices of FWL, we rarely run out of any supplies. We have purple envelopes of various sizes in bucket loads, along with peel and seal board back envelopes. 1st and 2nd class stamps are purchased in large quantities and before one lot runs short, another raft is bought, ready and waiting in the background. Investments in Nescafe are usually in the order of a 500g tin and woe betide if the cupboard is bare on that front.

So, how – as a newly crowned Rockstar Genealogist – have I allowed myself to run out of the most crucial item in my daily life? When I went on holiday or a daily trip as a child, we (me and Ma & Pa FWL) used to play a game to guess an object that someone else was thinking about. The ‘standard’ questions developed over time, although some were not perhaps what would be asked in other families or in other games. So, does this item I am now without “fit in Ma FWL’s  handbag?” – Yes.

HardToGet“Is it normally used in the kitchen?” No. [Those who know me well, will know that it is unlikely that I would be enormously bothered by running out of something in the kitchen, unless it was coffee.] “Is it normally found in the lounge?” No. “Would you find this object in a bedroom?” Yes. “In the master bedroom?” Yes.

Hmm…. so, “Is it something you wear?” No. “Is the object something you use first thing in the morning?” Yes. “When you are preparing yourself for the day ahead?” Yes. “Is it deodorant?” No. [An easy thing to head down to the nearest supermarket or chemist to purchase…. so less likely to be a major issue.]

“Is it a product you use in the shower?” No. “After the shower….?” Yes. “Is it hair gel?” YES. Oh my goodness me…. I have run out of hair gel!!!! This is almost a ‘the world has come to an end’ moment. However, I believe I may have located somewhere local where I can purchase an emergency supply tomorrow. Note to self: don’t ever start using the last one and forget to order a new batch from Amazon again. Idiot.

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