Fiction, ferries and Fowey

3 October 2015

For the first time in a long while, me and Mr FWL have taken a weekend off. Well, partly off…. he is still on call if there is an issue which needs escalation at work and I have been on hand for some challenging case work and kept on top of emails. However, we are away.

With little more than accommodation planned, we arrived in Morval yesterday and, after a close encounter with a pheasant and a squirrel (both survived), we had a lovely dinner in Looe before crashing out for the night.

Saturday began with a trip to Polperro (and another pheasant on parade) for breakfast – well, more like lunch by the time we got there and had a meander around! We then set Gertrude the challenge of getting us to Bodinnick to take the ferry across to Fowey. Well, she managed the task but via some very small roads which were, in transpired, white on the road map. Very minor B roads…. (single track all the way)….

Epic failure on my part to read the ferry embarkation signs ended up with us being on the wrong road to get on the ferry but this apparently worked in our favour. We were waved onto the ferry and promptly forgotten about and so had a free ride!

What I had not realised was that, in my ‘wrong road’, I had stopped right next to Daphne Du Maurier‘s son’s house, pictured above right. I only discovered this fact after we decided to take a boat trip around Fowey. A brilliant idea on Mr FWL’s part! Such a lot of history in the town, including a Grade I listed building – Place House – which, we were told, has been the home of the Treffry family since the thirteenth century. It is not a house which is open to the public though and it is currently inhabited by just four family members, according to our captain. The fifteenth century tower is the tallest part of the property and is barely visible on foot but a very clear view is available from the water, see left.

We had a lovely clear day today – almost summery, though a little chilly at times – and we returned to Morval via my new One-Place Study home of Porcupine. Blink – oh, you’ve missed it! A lane, Porcupine House (a bed and breakfast) and not much more. An utterly manageable study….!

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