There comes a time….

5 October 2015

…. when every holiday must come to an end. And sadly, today was that day. Me and Mr FWL had successfully managed to take some time out this weekend (from Friday to Monday, so a long weekend, in actual fact) and this morning, we awoke to torrential rain and howling winds which signified our departure for Wiltshire from the most south-westerly county of Cornwall. Regular readers of the FWL blog will by now realise the general pace of life here…. and some people may be aware that I – the MD of FWL – am a very patient person with most individuals in this world. Clients, beneficiaries, colleagues and associates come from all walks of life and educational backgrounds and I have learnt from some of the worst managers in the world how NOT to manage people!

However, my tolerance level is significantly lower with drivers, especially on longer distance journeys. The door-to-door scheduling by Gertrude this morning was three hours so it was not an epic trip, but there were a fair few ‘interesting’ A roads before hitting the M5 at Exeter. Dual carriageways with white vans/trucks in the outside (overtaking) lane permanently and/or dozy car drivers doing 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) up a winding hill, thinking that was OK with an enormous queue of drivers behind them….!

Despite a few issues and a small amount of bad language (though no hand gestures or light flashing), we – Gertrude, Ronnie, me and Mr FWL – returned home in good time and then, the catch up began! On arrival at the office, I was met with a massive pile of post (mail) and two missed special deliveries so, in haste, I departed the office once more to chase down Dawn (Chief in Charge of Post). In the rain, located her with ease and passed the daily pleasantries, though she appeared surprised to see me…. The special deliveries were from Saturday, so I had to hot foot it (well, drive quickly) to the post office to collect them from Tim. Thank heaven he was there, as I had left the house with no ID!

To say that Monday has passed swiftly would be an understatement. Here I am writing this blog after just hitting my 10,000 steps and 8 kilometre distance targets. We have cracked (and made contact with potential beneficiaries on) more cases today than we have in nearly all of last week! What a Monday …. and on half a team as well! Back in the groove….!

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