Time to recharge?

8 October 2015

Each day, I get to the end and feel like I have run a marathon and been fuelled by Duracell batteries. This morning, there was an interesting report on Rip Off Britain (BBC1) about choosing the right batteries. For TV remotes and other appliances which need small amounts of power over a long period of time, alkaline batteries are more suitable whereas for higher powered items, such as digital cameras, nickel or lithium batteries are better. I have to say, I have never looked too closely at a battery other than its make and whether it is rechargeable or not!

Well, this Duracell bunny has just begun a ten-day long lecturing marathon. Eight lectures in ten days. How on earth my diary managed to be scheduled so ‘well’ is beyond me! Thankfully, it’s only four different talks and some are ‘off the shelf’, so it’s not massively time consuming to prepare for the marathon. However, it does make doing the 10,000 steps and 8.05 kilometres per day even more challenging. Daily strategies have been formulated depending on how bonkers/long the working day is – walk to the post office, walk to Tescos (generally, a late night affair) or walk/run on the treadmill. Last night, the distance target was hit at 23:51 – just in time!

There is not a whole lot of time to recharge these days with a lot of administrative work to be done on projects, cases, etc. and I am an addict. A family and local history addict and worse than that, one who will not put something down until it’s cracked. Yes, you may well say that we have a great job – we sure do! But it’s soooo enormously hard to let go of a problem.

Are you a Duracell bunny? Do you love researching? Do you have time to spare to work with us at FWL? We are expanding again soon as the workload continues to exceed the time available. Why not get in touch to find out more about the potential opportunities!

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