Way past the witching hour

15 October 2015

And here I am again, writing this blog at way past the witching hour. Truth be told, this is the second time I have written this as my router or laptop or some technical gizmo had what can best be described as ‘a moment’ and decided that, despite the fact I had saved a draft of my original version of this blog, it had disappeared off the face of the earth. [Editor presses save to endeavour to ensure that this does not happen for a second time.]

Today has been a particularly long ol’ day and, whilst I can remember some of what I blathered on about the first time I wrote this, I feel sure that the second run through may well come out better so I may well be prepared to thank the technical thingybob which went wrong. Possibly. However, right now, it means that I have to type faster as the exhausted part of my tiny brain cell is ready to give up the ghost entirely.

Beginning the day with a fabulous 4N meeting in Chippenham, I began my drive back to the office feeling energised. En route to FWL HQ, I caught up on a few things by calling the Northern FWL office. BV list out early morning and a case cracked and ready for hand-delivered letters, my battle royal began again with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). In finalising deceased estates, we frequently have to deal with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), HMRC and various banking organisations, whose customer service scores range for an average of 0/10 (bloody useless) to 6/10. This afternoon, instead of twenty minutes of listening to the music on the HMRC telephone line, I managed to actually speak to a human being in under two minutes. Quite miraculous, and the case has been dealt with as well!

The phone has frankly been red hot all day long what with one thing and another. I think I need to be an octopus in a future life so I can answer two phones (or more) and have separate conversations for different people! I can dream….. [and it’s time for me to head that way….]

NB: If anyone has a hotline to HMRC for Inheritance Tax, I would be delighted to hear from you!

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