Queer goings on….

16 October 2015

Well, it’s been a queer day today for sure. Very little of my life each week conforms to what ‘normal people’ call routine but one constant is BNI Bath Parade every Friday morning at ‘eh gods’ o’clock at Combe Grove Manor Hotel. The agenda this morning was different from ‘the norm’ and created much discussion about how to make our Chapter even better than it is already. A tall order, as I am sure many would agree!

I am never one to scurry away quickly at the end of a networking meeting and I was one of the last remaining members this morning, cracking a few family history myths along the way. It is a sad fact of life that when I am away from the office, everything happens in my absence. An alternative Deputy Chief in Charge of post arrived before any of the team were around this morning and it was a completely different delivery person to the usual ‘known’ team. Therefore, chasing the deputy around the estate was deemed ‘not an option’ and so, a trip to the mailing out post office and the collection office was in order prior to 1pm, in the hope the Special Delivery envelopes had been returned. My lucky day, it would seem….

In terms of the mailing out post office, we had another case to send off to the GLD (whoosh!), some ID/contracts to return and a Power of Attorney/swearing the oath package to mail off to the Probate Registry, before the afternoon was spent in deliberations (polite parlance) with two financial organisations. One finally managed to realise the error of its ways whilst the other has yet to manage to climb down from its high horse. I think I made one thing clear to Lloyds Bank today ….. when I reach the level of making a complaint, it is best not to say “don’t shout at me!”…. oh, believe me I wasn’t, but I think they now know the difference between the volume of my assertive voice and my shouting one. Silly mistake to make. Lesson learnt, I hope.

Mid-afternoon saw the arrival of a parcel from S&N Genealogy Supplies with all the binders and document wallets a business could ever want…. and then the most bizarre thing happened! Having popped out of the office for half an hour, we had a visitation (unannounced) from a gentleman we had never corresponded with before on a case we are administrating. Lots of strange goings on (which I won’t bore you with in all its glory) but he left his photocopied ID documents with a member of staff in a neighbouring office. Frightfully odd….!

Sitting here at the end of the day, it feels like a very positive day has just passed us by, with two handfuls of newly signed beneficiaries and I have been appointed as RootsTech Ambassador 2016! More on that tomorrow….

Here’s to the weekend, but please explain: what’s the actual difference between the weekend and the weekdays?

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