Taking no shortcuts

16 October 2015

We find people. Beneficiaries in Wills, beneficiaries in intestate estates, long lost family, friends and more …. but there is no ‘easy way’ of doing it. It takes time, skill and dedication from the FWL team. Sure, sometimes we make it look easy and achieve the seemingly impossible in the blink of an eye. However, this is a rarity. Most cases take a lot longer and require a lot of planning to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.

Sometimes, beneficiaries contact us every other week (or even more frequently) to ask for updates on cases. Of course, we are more than happy to hear from them but it is seemingly quite challenging for them to understand that there are certain parts of the process of resolving deceased estates which we have little control over in terms of time frame. For example, why does a case which is referred by Natwest to the Government Legal Department (GLD) take so much longer to resolve than others held by alternative financial organisations? [Your guess is as good as mine, though I could provide some crucial clues….]

Pressure is often placed upon us by beneficiaries who have a need for the monies due to them. However, we have to carry out appropriate checks prior to preparing estate accounts and paying out the finances. This process cannot be fast forwarded, nor shortcuts taken, no matter how much we might want to!

Would you ask your accountant to cut corners in your tax return? Clearly not. Would your web designer be happy to take a shortcut but still achieve the same high quality end result? Doubtful also…. So, why would we take shortcuts?!

The FWL brand is important to us. Our standards are high and we are proud to provide an excellent, consistent service to our customers. We remain the only company on Check A Professional who ‘do what we do’ and our bank of testimonials is continually growing. So, who do you know who needs to find someone? Whatever their needs, please refer them to us for a no obligation quote.

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