Upgrading technology

18 October 2015

Once upon a time, many decades ago, a mobile phone was just that…. a mobile phone. You could make and receive calls and text messages. That was all it was designed for. Now, you can read/send emails, take photographs/videos, play games, call people on Skype/Google+ and much more. Remember the time when a mobile phone was like having a brick in your pocket? Those times are gone.

Today, I decided (after two previous attempts) to upgrade my mobile. Oh goodness gracious me….. I entered Carphone Warehouse at 2:30pm. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and precisely which phone I wanted. So, please explain how it took over ninety minutes to do what I needed to do?! I cannot even blame Vodafone (with their rubbish signal which is the main reason for my upgrade) because that particular part of the transfer took just eight minutes. It would seem that changing contract and network provider is like doing an equestrian event. I am not known for the greatest amount of hurdling ability, nor (after Lloyds on Friday) my patience with service providers. However, Emily was super efficient, very pleasant and as quick as she could be. But, why does the process take so chuffing long?!

Now, I must await the transfer of my telephone number to my new whizzy Samsung Galaxy S5 in the next 48 hours. How exciting! I have ordered a Gorilla already…. yes, a Gorilla! A shock proof armour hybrid Gorilla case to stop me from damaging my brand new phone…. FWL is a busy business and I am perhaps world-renowned now for dropping my phone in various locations, generally on a surface which is less than kind to the casing! Hopefully the gorilla will protect my new purchase!

This job can only be done on a weekend, clearly. Can you imagine spending an hour and a half during the week upgrading your technology?! Ugh! Job done now….. Thank heaven! Hopefully the switch over from Vodafone to EE will be utterly hassle-free!

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