Timed to perfection

22 October 2015

Wednesday night is a time for reflection …. five years ago, where were you and what were you doing? Me….well, I had just started a new job at Cranford House School as a ‘Teacher of Mathematics‘. I lived in Tilehurst on the outskirts of Reading (Berkshire) and I was proud to be the Chairman of a large respected international charity with decades of history. So much has changed – and all for the better – in order to be where I am today and timing has been absolutely crucial at all times.

Many of you may well relate to being a little more ‘hot headed’ in your youth…. I certainly was in my early twenties – which incidentally was much more than five years ago! I am not sure when the epiphany moment came but for more than a decade now, I have considered my options far more carefully before making any crucial decisions. That’s not to say I am not an independent spirit. I certainly still am…. but the pros and cons are weighed up more than they were 15 years ago!

It was not an impulsive decision to leave teaching. Some may have considered me crazy (some still do!) and some may have questioned how I would keep the wolf from the door. Why did I hand my notice in when I did? Because it was the right decision to make, for me, at that time. I had two choices: cut back on genealogy work and focus on teaching, or cut back on teaching and focus on genealogy. You can see which route won out!

Timing is critical in all aspects of life, in both personal and business matters. Communications must be sent at the right time and in the right way to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. If you want to know that a letter has been received, then send it tracked mail so that you can trace who received your correspondence and when. On emails, ask for a read receipt …. How do you know your message has been received and understood otherwise?

Here I am now…. aged thirty-something …. running my own business with a hugely experienced team around me across the world. Slightly different from the mathematics classroom but the skill sets required are not too dissimilar! I am now involved with three charitable/not-for-profit organisations and I proudly chair a new forward-thinking 21st century society for people undertaking surname studies. Life is not so different now than it was five years ago really but today, I am sitting in a much happier place in Wiltshire doing ‘my thing’ with wonderful teams of people around me, in their various guises.

Everything I do is timed to perfection …. Logistics Corps fashion. You’d expect no less from a Maunder/Day descendant. We have solid genetics. None of my grandparents would have given in when the going got tough and nor would my dear friend who I sadly said goodbye to yesterday. But their time to stand up and be counted/be heard/ say their piece, would have been timed to perfection.

I have learnt an enormous amount from my family and friends. Thank you all.

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