What does independent mean?

22 October 2015

An independent variable in an experiment is the variable you have control over, the one which you choose and can alter. It is usually what you think will affect the dependent variable, i.e. the outcome of the experiment. The values are freely chosen without considering values of any other variables. The dictionary definition of independent is “free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority”.

BeStrongSo, an independent review of a project would be a review carried out by an individual who had not previously been involved in or worked on the project. If they had been associated in any way with even the smallest part of the venture, the review would not be independent. How it is possible that businesses, companies, charities etc. do what they call ‘independent reviews’ when they are anything but!? Why not call them ‘internal reviews‘, then you won’t get caught out!

We are an independent company…. fiercely so at times! We have various professionals who work alongside our superb research team to guide us in our work – our legal team is second to none, our accounts department are faultless and the IT department quite frankly keeps us sane (well, alongside independent coffee/tea shops!).

Some people think that being independent is a bad thing. Tosh! It’s an admirable quality. Whilst sitting at my desk this morning, I looked out of the office window and thought, “It’s nice to be independent”. Independence is something we should all strive for (panic not, I am not going to get into women’s lib and all that suffragette malarkey!) but the ability to be self-sufficient and in charge of our own lives is important! You could be independent too!

Independence has many good qualities: you can take control of your own destiny, stand on your own two feet and gain perspective on life, as well as just being you! But remember that definition of independent – “free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority”.

Be strong, be independent and stand tall.

Source image: DoseofHappy.com

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