Frantic Friday

23 October 2015

Best laid plans eh….? Well, today wasn’t a military precision planning day but there were some crucial interlocking jigsaw pieces which had been carefully scheduled to make it all run smoothly. The plan did not start perfectly as I arrived a little later than hoped to BNI Bath Parade – the usual start to a Friday – due to no fault of my own…. the less said about that the better! A high energy meeting with a really positive vibe, I left feeling invigorated for the day ahead.

My dear chariot was due to be heading in to the Audi VW Centre to be serviced at 10am so a quick return from Bath was required. Well, that’s what I had in my diary, but the person who was on ‘holiday cover’ for the usual amazing service personnel last week had messed up the booking and so, no chariot service today. Returning to the office, work was already well underway. A challenging case on the cards, we harnessed our superlative FWL team work and wily telephone technique to find out some crucial information, putting ourselves ahead of the competition for the weekend ahead. Hurrah!

With a large (and rather unrealistic) list of jobs to be completed, I was seriously distracted by BSOs (Bright Shiny Objects) on the horizon and achieved very few items from the screed. However, the important ones were tackled and I returned to the roots of the business and the reason I set it up – to crack tough cases!

Late afternoon is always frantic/frenetic and Friday was certainly no different. Calls to the US, dash over to Bradford-on-Avon (and ended up talking family history!), walk to the local supermarket to buy a few supplies (including dinner) and then time to crash out on the sofa to watch some total rubbish on the television – ain’t that the truth! All these channels and utter drivel on nearly every one of them!

Friday evening is now upon us in England. This week has presented a fair few personal challenges for me, but every one of them has made me stronger. Another week like this? I’d rather not, but whatever the world has to throw at me – BRING IT ON!

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