New Monday, new week, new goals

26 October 2015

Well, one thing is for certain, it’s been a rollercoaster Monday! Cases going from cracked to ‘a slight spanner in the works’, from under our administration to ‘Oh, there IS a Will‘…. 13,000 steps, more emails than I can count, as well as two meetings and two television production company calls….I was exhausted yesterday with all the office tidying. Today, I am exhausted from having to stir all my brain cells into action! What a day….

This morning, I did something different. Something I rarely do. I hit Twitter and Facebook before opening my inbox and before coffee. Heavens above, I hear you say!!!! I was intrigued to read some odd newspaper articles which had been located by some of the people I follow and so I delved into the the British Newspaper Archive for my own fix of eccentricity. Not that we need much help with eccentricity at FWL – we have our fair share without having to look for very long!

In my search results were some highly amusing articles about people who lied in the censuses of yesteryear and also, those individuals who refused to give the information required of them, for a variety of humorous reasons. They were fined, given prison sentences and all sorts!!! All you have to do is come up with the search terms and ‘Hey presto!’, up come the results of your quest….

Sometimes, it is all too easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day genealogy of tracing your ancestry back as far as you can. This is true whether you do it professionally, as a hobby/pastime, or whatever your interest level…. Get out of your comfort zone, remove that blanket and start looking for something different to float your boat/tickle your fancy. There are some amazing stories which are there to be found. For example, the man who tried to break into Dartmoor Prison and the couple who, on their wedding day, between them totalled 139 years old and their four witnesses were 409 years old altogether!

I look forward to hearing about your eccentric finds, whether they are related to your own family/studies or not! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for some more of ours.

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