And the winner is….

31 October 2015

…. Mike Quackenbush! You have won my RootsTech pass giveaway! I’ll be sending you more details via email….

When I put my giveaway details out there online, I had no idea how many people would respond. Hence, I hadn’t really consider how to pick the winner! I soon had a problem – lots of my friends replied! So, I quickly had to hatch a plan to ensure that the winner was selected fairly. Inevitably, some people will be disappointed (I’m sorry!!) …. but I expect that one Canadian chum might be jumping around the house this morning quite a lot!!

Yesterday was a day of giving it would seem. Some networking friends of mine have been going through a tough time and, in the hope of cheering them up, I sent them a Fine Scottish Hamper with a sweetie box for a special young man in their lives. It didn’t take much organising and was, in my eyes, a small gesture on my part. I was delighted to receive an email when the package was signed for and then, their post on Facebook with their lovely hamper.

To say I was utterly overwhelmed by the response is an understatement. Brad Burton, the MD of 4Networking, gave me hundreds of additional days of passport membership to 4N, for my ‘kindness’. I was just being me and reaching out to friends …. I didn’t expect anything in return!

I also read a post from a fellow genealogist on Facebook this morning. Her husband is very ill and she has been concerned about getting enough work to cover the bills as well as looking after him. Someone anonymously took the time to get in touch with her landlord and paid the rent for three months. There are far too many negatives in life and stories like this lift my heart.

So, who is your winner today? Why not make a difference to someone else’s life? More often than not, it doesn’t take much organising or money, but it makes such a huge impact.

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