Here endeth another weekend

1 November 2015

OK folks, I am curious …. what have you been up to this weekend? It’s been Hallowe’en and the Rugby World Cup Final (as mentioned yesterday) …. have you all had a relaxing weekend? Here in FWL Land, we have mutually (Mr FWL, myself and the FWL Team) cleared many items from the long list of ‘to-do’, in an endeavour to start the week on a positive note. Mr FWL has completed Project One on ‘la voiture’ and has almost managed to remove all the exhaust soot from his various orifices. Many research efforts (small and large) have been crossed off the three page diatribe which is my personal FWL ‘to-do’ list and new processes have been put in place by the FWL Team to continue to streamline our workings. I am not sure I can yet see the wood for the trees but certain parts of the woodland have been decimated, so that must be a plus!

Back a few decades ago, Sunday was a day for families …. a day of rest from work. I think even Ma & Pa FWL slowed down on a Sunday in yesteryear. Not these days though …. life is always so busy with so many things to be done! All this technology is a wonderful thing but means that everyone expects everything to be immediate. We often having chasing emails when we have not responded to the first email within 24 hours – and I think, “you have to be kidding me!?” More often than not, I manage to reply quickly to communications, whether via email or post, but sometimes (and I can think of some now), there are less urgent emails which are at the back of my mind to reply to and they have to wait more than a week! Shock, horror! Just think though …. before the internet, you would rarely have had a reply to a letter within a week, would you!?

Well, the week ahead looks bonkers as usual for Team FWL. We have lots of chasing to do in an endeavour to pay out estates prior to Christmas shopping time and get research projects back to clients ready for Christmas too! Let’s hope we don’t feel drowned again on Friday!

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