When days just happen

4 November 2015

As regular readers will know, I used to have a very different ‘day job’ to what I do now. In my past life, each day was regimented. The alarm was set for the same time every day. I arrived at work at the same time (more or less) and my existence was dictated by timetables. Heaven knows how I managed to cope with that, in hindsight. I took on a profession which I thought I would continue for life but then, the epiphany moment came – there is life outside a classroom in a school!

Sometimes, I begin the day with a plan. If I do, more often than not it is thrown out of the window by coffee time. Today, the plan (ish) was that I was going to follow-up as many cases as possible with authorities, financial institutions, fellow Heir Hunting companies etc. That plan worked well, I think! We have had our fair share of “house cases” (i.e. estates with freehold property requiring ‘resolution’) and today brought a new challenge – a “car case”. Frequently, potential beneficiaries ask if any of the deceased’s personal property has been retained. Sadly, the answer to that is generally “no”, and I never thought I would be telling a family that there is a car, furniture and more personal property than they could ever dream of seeing!

On another case, I managed to locate photographs for the extended family and many other matters progressed more rapidly given the amount of time and attention given to them today – in other words, other parties got a kick up the rear to move things along faster than they might have done otherwise!

Turning from Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde (so to speak), my alter-ego took hold late afternoon in a location far from the FWL Office. Unfortunately, I had ‘one of those journeys’ back home…. tried an alternative route to the A34 at half past 9 which I certainly won’t bother to use again (ridiculously long way around) and, on arrival at the M4 Junction 13, the slip road was closed so I had to go the long way to Junction 14. Cue lots of swearing and general ‘irritatedness’….

Tight schedules and bonkers hectic days are the norm for me but arriving home at 10:40pm, to finish stepping for England before midnight, eat, blog and get everything ready to get out of the door by half 5 in the morning…. I’ll say goodnight folks! Zzzzz…..

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