Just a bit off kilter….

12 November 2015

I have to confess: it’s been an odd Wednesday, all in all. Completely due to a late night last night and early rise to 4Sight at the best 4N group in the world – Chippers (Chippenham), of course. Busy meeting (though some regular faces missing) and some great one-to-one meetings…. The 4Sight was an ‘off the cuff’ number but appeared to go well. I do love the supportive environment which is 4N.

On the return to the office, I had already missed ‘Badger’ (Deputy Chief in Charge of Post) and had to play ‘chase the badger‘ around Savernake Estate. Always a fun game and one that she knows I will play and win, so she takes any mail for me with her on the onward round, rather than leaving it in the trolley at the top of the estate! Thanks to Janet Few, I was recently able to purchase a rare item for my one-place study (though, shhhhhh …. don’t tell anyone how much I paid for it!!) and that, along with the usual special delivery raft was simple to sign over. However, it transpired that I was due to receive a letter which had insufficient postage on it and had to be collected from the Post Office itself. Ugh! After a small amount of blasphemy directed at the sender of the letter, I discovered that there was NOT an underpayment on the envelope and hence, I should not be charged. Tim (Postmaster Extraordinaire) agreed. Hurrah!

Although not planned, the day turned out to be a ‘chase-up’/admin day for me. Blitzing these things once in a ten day cycle is good but not always so great for my blood pressure/sanity. In one day, Lloyds Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and the District Valuer’s Office? Who are they when they are at home!? Some calls were successful whilst others not so, but everything is progressing in the right direction.

In the midst of all this, I received a private message on Facebook from my Swedish cousin, Jeremy. I hardly ever hear from him directly but thank goodness we made contact last year, as my aunt is very ill (Ma FWL’s sister). Without going into the graphics here, I was so pleased that he had reached out and let us (in England) know. I think the last time I met my Swedish cousins was when I was about 5 and perhaps one (Jeremy’s sister) when I was about 9? But, I managed to put him swiftly in touch with Ma FWL and they have spoken on Skype. Hurrah!

The power of social networking….? It’s priceless. Thank you for the invention of Facebook. Without it, I would not be in touch with my cousin at all. Tomorrow is another day (fact!) – more paperwork to clear and follow-up work on cases. Time to sleep, all!

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