The importance of accuracy

12 November 2015

Following on from my blog entitled Are you sure about that? on 11 November, over the last few days I have been utterly amazed at the inaccuracy and inconsistency in policies, processes and communication from a wide variety of organisations. Some months ago, I received a letter from a bank saying, “Please accept our condolences for the loss of Mr Peter Smith” and then going on to give me details of Mr Brian Jones’ bank accounts! Thankfully, we were dealing with Mr Brian Jones’ estate but letters like that do not instill the greatest confidence in the bank’s abilities to deal with your claim.

The same bank has this week paid out Mr Brian Jones’ estate but NOT Mr William Brown‘s, as they have requested certain pieces of identification from me. That’s fine and dandy, but why were these not needed on Mr Brian Jones’ case? Seriously….?!

My communications with my ‘favourite bank‘ (she says, with tongue firmly in cheek) have escalated to the complaints level. I have been given £105 compensation for their inconsistent approach to my three claims over the last two months. Guess what? Another case has returned from the GLD which is an asset held by said bank! So, I call up and am told something completely different again…. Oh my goodness me…. you couldn’t make it up!

I received a letter from another organisation today with the wrong date on the letter (a date in the future, not the past) and contradicting what had been said in previous correspondence. Surely, in this day and age, every company or organisation has a proof reading process so that nothing leaves the office without being checked for accuracy. We certainly do at FWL! Missing full stops, dodgy spacing and errors in accuracy do not win clients!

We all know that we can’t turn back the clock and ask our ancestors to be more accurate and consistent in the historical records they left for us, but we can be more accurate and consistent today. Your brand – whoever you are – is important. Don’t lose credibility by taking your eye off the ball.

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