The power of networking

13 November 2015

Team FWL have been working their socks off in various locations across the globe today and it has been a very hectic day for me, as MD. An earlier than usual start with a relocated morning meeting which meant that I had to be out of the hotel before 6am to ensure that I arrived on schedule. The venue change altered the dynamics slightly but did not change the positive vibe of ‘the crew’! New business was generated along with new business connections and, before leaving the venue, I managed to crack a difficult case and get the Senior Team on the phone to potential beneficiaries – chuffed!

Nearly every meeting scheduled today was with someone I have met through business networking …. Lunch with a great 4N mate (and bumped into another two 4Ners randomly in the process!), a meeting with a BNI colleague and family this evening and that was after a BNI meeting this morning! Networking works, you know!

On Wednesday, I did a 4Sight presentation at 4N Chippenham entitled When You Wish Upon A Star. An ad-lib, unscripted 4Sight, this was its first run-out and may well set the wheels in motion for a 4Sight tour in the future (if I have time and anyone wants me!). Since Wednesday, I have seen many attendees (some randomly and some in pre-planned meetings) and it would appear that the presentation was ‘inspirational‘, amongst other positive comments. Networking works. People remember you. Why wouldn’t you want to attend a networking meeting to tell people about your business? You’d be crazy not to! Who knows…. you might get some more business!!!!

If you are a business owner, do you analyse where your business comes from? If not, why not? How do you know if the marketing you are doing works? We know. We really know. The networking we do at BNI and 4N means that we can change lives. Tomorrow, we have many appointments – yes, on a Saturday! – with clients whose future is in our hands. People whose cases we have worked on tirelessly to get the desired result. People who rely on us to deliver. We never let people down and ensuring that we deliver on our promises is crucial to our success. When we make appointments, we don’t break them. We are now so busy that we often have to schedule our client meetings months in advance. Personally, I even have a 2017 diary as I already have five bookings! Crazy!!!

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