Dictatorship – no thanks!

14 November 2015

The streets of Paris are dark. Landmarks are lit up across the globe. Mass casualties. We have sat back and let other world leaders lead the way, but this is an attack on humanity. A Russian plane in Egyptian air space and now French nationals. Seriously…. we must act. Now. Hardly have the candles been extinguished from Charlie Hebdo and now, we are experiencing more casualties in France.

This battle quite simply must be won. That is the way that one of France’s leading writers, Pascal Bruckner, explains this issue. The perpetrators of recent actions claim to have religious motives. Personally, I am not convinced. Even if I am wrong, I’ve a feeling that their motives are short lived or at least biased by other influences….

In modern society, dictatorship (of any sort) is not acceptable, whether it’s First or Third World…. so, you need to organise a meeting (and venue)? You will need to talk to venue owners to ask if they (and their venue) are available, before confirming the date and place…. as well as confirming with all the people who you need to be in attendance! Common sense – surely?

The randomness of the last 48 hours shows that I live in cuckoo-land (hopefully, for a short time!)…. People confirm meeting venues but don’t check their own requirements for the venue to ensure that every eventuality is covered. That doesn’t make for a purposeful meeting and makes an arse….. Well, I’ll leave the rest to you!

Being a credible, reputable professional business is, of course, crucial to us at FWL. Dictatorship? Erm, most certainly not. Our MD is anything but!! It’s all about the team at FWL and that’s what makes FWL so good! No-one is perfect but we can all learn from each other. That is the way in which FWL was built….

Have you ever worked for a dictator? Are you now? Leaping from the aquatic vessel might well be worth it!…..

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