Fun at the zoo

15 November 2015

Today, we are back in the zone – the genealogy zone. It’s Sunday but that doesn’t stop us! FWL is not just a job. It’s a life choice!

Regular readers will know that, as well as avoiding being overly opinionated on political and religious matters, we – Team FWL – often look out for the eccentric, which today includes Abigail Flamingo Aria who died in Hendon RD in September quarter 1896 aged 61. The Jamaican-born wife of a London merchant, Alexander Aria, Abigail was listed on both the 1881 and 1891 censuses, though all her children appear to have been born in Jamaica.

There are two gentlemen Pelican characters in historyCharles Pelican Roebuck who married in East Stonehouse RD in March quarter 1856 and William Pelican Benney who married in Portsea RD in September quarter 1857. I wonder why Pelican is found only twice as a middle name in the post-1837 records, and in (potentially) the same time frame for the births of these gents??

Unbelievably, there are quite a few people called Zebra but by far the most concerning is Zebra Lynes! Yes, seriously …. born and died in March quarter 1875 in Southampton RD so (possibly thankfully) never had to cope with the education system and the humour of other children….

LizardZarbWould you believe it? There are two Lizards in the BMD records for England and Wales – Lizard Booth born in Sheffield in 1838 and Lizard Zarb who married in 1940! Lizard Booth may still be walking the planet (or perhaps, more sensibly, emigrated or changed his name or….) whilst Lizard Zarb died in 1941, as a Greaser in the Merchant Navy in WWII on Western Chief (see right). He was buried at The Tower Hill Memorial Part Xvi Wan-Zul and his medal card records his birthplace as Malta!

Well, there is a start to our zoo menagerie! Anyone found a Penguin, Giraffe, Hippopotamus or other zoo animal in their tree? We’d love to hear from you!

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