A cunning plan

18 November 2015

Cunningplan“I have a cunning plan” …. the famous words of actor Sir Tony Robinson when playing Baldrick in the long-running BBC historic comedy television series Blackadder. In his parlance, “cunning plans” were a solution to a particular problem or crisis and were usually ridiculed scathingly by Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson, otherwise known as Mr Bean) for their implausibility. However, Blackadder frequently resorted to using these plans when the situation became desperate.

At FWL today, we have resolved a problematic client research issue and a particularly challenging Heir Hunting matter (a birth date discrepancy to prove)…. along with the usual ‘run of the mill’ stuff, so I can safely say that Wednesday has been spattered with cunning plans! I started in an unusual way, popping along to a local networking meeting which I don’t often manage to fit into my schedule. Why did I attend? To hear a local business owner, Lottie Dodd of Is That Sew? (and Winner of Best Start-up in the Enterprising Wiltshire Awards 2014), talk about turning her business dream into reality. She shared her challenges and successes, many of which resonated with my own, although our businesses are very different.

I love spending time with other entrepreneurs and sharing business pitfalls, as well as tips and tricks for success. We have all started with a dream – a “cunning plan”, but better than the ones which Baldrick came up with! Some business propositions fail, but many succeed. It is important to meet up with fellow business owners as it is often a very lonely role as the MD of a business! Luckily, FWL is not a lonely existence as we are a super team. Work is flying in from so many angles, we are inundated! We all have our abilities to come up with cunning plans…. However, as MD, you have to be more Baldrick than most…. ‘Out of the box’ thinking is crucial (particularly in our line of work)! In my mind, Baldrick plans are OK, so long as the pencils don’t come into play….
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