Want something done?

18 November 2015

I am sure most of you can guess where this one is headed. Want something done? You guessed it…. ask a busy person. Well, this busy person has a ginger and white moggy situated on my arms between me and the keyboard! It’s challenging to type, that’s for sure. But my dear noisy friend is telling me that, in all fairness, I have been a little too busy for his liking today. I have cleared much paperwork from the administrative piles of FWL but have not focussed enough of my time on small (or not so small) furry creatures. Some of these individuals cope well without much interaction but not the noisy one.

This ‘busy one’ was greeted this morning by a fairly substantial parcel via TNT and hence, the morning was taken up with contacting banks, building societies, share holding groups  and heaven knows who else on a particularly large estate (large in terms of financial assets, not the number of beneficiaries – thankfully). Along with the details of the accounts, the box delivered also included photographs, certificates, postcards, stamp collection, coins and more…. a veritable treasure trove and definitely one the beneficiary will appreciate, I am quite sure.

Busy people have an ability to keep going and make sure tasks are completed no matter what. Busy people never let others down. Busy people step up when others do not, to make sure that ‘things happen’. Sadly, I have inherited a ‘busy person’/organiser gene. It is genetic. There is no doubt about it. I had no chance. Am I ungrateful for this inheritance? Of course not!

Being organised has always been my strength. How many conferences and seminars have I organised in the last ten years? I’m talking seriously into two figures and on! Why was I ‘chosen’ to organise the ‘cover list’ at work when people called in sick/were on courses etc.? Because I would make sure it was done…. and fairly too.

But why is it always left to the busy people? The people who carry on regardless, no matter how much is thrown at them in life? Hmm…. Maybe it’s time to give those people a break?

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