Playing dirty

20 November 2015

Ethics and honesty are two of our core values at FWL. Among other things, we trace beneficiaries in intestate cases – where people die without leaving a Will. We are in competition with many companies across the nation from large to small, professional to unprofessional. Last week, we spoke to four beneficiaries (siblings) on a case and they were also contacted by one of our competitors (who will remain nameless but feature on, and not very positively). We sent them all further details and gave them space to talk as a family, to make a decision about how they wished to proceed. However, they don’t all communicate with one another and so, our rather unethical competitor has used this to their advantage, lying to one of the siblings by telling them that the others had already returned their paperwork! Unbelievable!

The probate firm used by this research agency to carry out the administration of their estates have also reached a new low this week. Of two beneficiaries on a particular case, we have one signed to us and they (said research agency of ill-repute) have the other. The administrators, having been supplied with contracts, ID and further documentation from us in August, are refusing to speak to Family Wise Limited as we are ‘not their client’ and so have directed us to liaise with our client. On doing so, he knows nothing and has had no communication from them whatsoever! What the hell are they playing at?

Our field of work is challenging enough without all the cloak and dagger operations. We all want to sign beneficiaries but we, at FWL, will certainly not be lowering our standards and using these tactics.

There are – sadly – few guidelines or regulations in our business, apart from internal processes within each company. So, if you are contacted by an Heir Hunter, do your research. Are they reputable? Are they on Check A Professional? Do they have testimonials (on their website) from ‘happy customers’? Check out what various companies say and don’t be forced into making a decision. It’s a very important decision to make….

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