Among friends….

21 November 2015

logo_265x107_TransparentSome days are planned but most are not. Today (for me, at least) was planned down to the last minute detail. My main travel plan was to get to Bath for this morning’s meeting (6:30am) with all the requirements for the second stage of travel – to Ipswich. To say that I feel slightly under-prepared to run this weekend’s 2nd Society for One-Place Studies Conference and AGM is a huge understatement. Was I planning on being ‘up front and centre’ at the event? Erm …. no? But needs must…..

In 2013, a group of family, local and social historians formed the Society for One-Place Studies in order to meet the needs of community studiers in the 21st century. A forward-thinking society, every individual carries out their one-place study in their own way. We are not prescriptive – how could we be? Online collaboration is one of the core values associated with the group with committee members across the world, not just the nation I write from.

During the course of Saturday 21 November, I will be manning the Twitter and Facebook decks on behalf of the Society, promoting the goings-on at the Conference and AGM. I wonder how many society members there are with  Twitter and Facebook accounts…. ?! It will be interesting to see the Twitter/FB chatter tomorrow (inevitable) about the Conference and I look forward to seeing those who haven’t made the meal this evening, in the morning! Unfortunately, the weather promises not to be as good as we might have hoped for our return trips….

The good thing is that we are all among friends tomorrow – we don’t have to apologise for talking too much (or for too long) about our studies and can ask others about research methods, and share hints, tips and tricks! After all, we are all in it together!

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