A Sunday in the life of….

22 November 2015

Thank heaven…. Sunday was, this morning, the time for a long lie in! This week has been insane. I am quite certain that I have travelled further this week than ever before…. not least with my Ipswich travels which I reported on yesterday. Rarely a day goes by without an alarm being set in my world. Not today!

Time to get my feet back under the table, open the mail and re-engage with the furry FWL assistants (and the not-so-furry, but I spoke to them whilst I was in Suffolk too, as they answer the ‘phone!). Having only been away for two mail deliveries, I was gobsmacked with the sheer volume awaiting my return and slightly disgruntled. A ‘Time Sensitive’ envelope bemused and slightly enthused me until I realised that it contained a speeding fine! Oops – 5 miles an hour over the limit, so thankfully I have the option of attending a ‘speed awareness course‘. I was going to the gym – clearly far too keen to get there.

Having had a massive mail out from the office on Tuesday with regard to claiming funds on two of our larger (value) estates, a whole host of fabulous companies had returned our documents in the space of three working days. Seriously? How has this been possible when certain banks have taken months to even communicate with us! I so dream of consistency.

The week ahead looks rather interesting with (again) banking challenges. It’s not just banks though as on Friday, en route to Ipswich, I tried to collect the personal effects on one of our estates but I was not able to, because someone was off sick. Erm, so no-one else is able to make a decision??? You cannot be serious! I travel past Barnet once a year (if that)! I see someone else paying for the couriering of those effects now.

So, how long does an intestate estate take to administer? Heaven alone knows! With cameras, cars, laptops, houses, and other various and numerous personal effects, how on earth could I estimate a time scale? Impossible….!

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