Monday madness

23 November 2015

Once upon a time, I knew what Monday would bring as soon as it came around. Significant amounts of Maths teaching (Science rarely featured) and generally a meeting of some sort after the ‘normal’ working day had ended …. that being the part we all actually signed up for. Now, as I often mention, the days are rarely predictable and even the bits I try to schedule, don’t always run to plan.

This morning, I had a list. I still have that list and a few things have been crossed off, though many items remain. Last Tuesday was a massive admin day for the team at FWL with more post going out than on all of the other days put together. This has resulted in a crazy increase in the bank balance and a lot of further communications flying in, including certificates and piles and piles of paperwork. Help! I need another member of staff!!

Does anyone know someone local to FWL HQ who is looking for some admin work? Must be flexible, a good team player, quick learner and able to cope with the mad hat existence that is, FWL! Please spread the word….

Now, it’s time to make the list for tomorrow. Why? So that I can see what I have failed to do at the end of the day and remind myself how much I need an amazing administrative assistant! I have five calls I must do and ‘millions’ of letters and forms to attend to…. How will we ever get to Christmas and have everything done? Because it has to be. There is no alternative….

It’s the busiest time of year for us at FWL with family histories being ordered for the big day. The deadlines are getting tighter and tighter …. but that’s how we work best. Under pressure! Love my team….

Anyone else wanting that special gift, or a gift voucher, for Christmas? Let us know!!

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