What are you doing?

25 November 2015

There is, most definitely, a time and a place for an update on our world. So, what are we doing? Erm, loads!! Continuing our research behind the scenes for various television series (Family Finders, Long Long Families, Who Do You Think You Are? …. and more), we are filming in two weeks for a major BBC TV production company. Yes, we know…. Our MD has a great face for radio (so she says) but someone seems to want her to be on the television. Oh heck!

She ventures out from the office on more occasions that she should – really, the asylum should keep a better check on her whereabouts! But the weird thing is, she has a canny way of cracking the  most challenging cases…. and so, the asylum management extends the leash more than they probably should….

Good heavens, our MD networks more in a month than she has hot dinners. Believe you/me, that means about six and then less than six! She is one of the best communicators in the business – what do we do? Well, if you’ve ever been to a meeting with our MD, you will know that ‘We find people and we change lives‘. Frankly, she works more hours than someone (whoever you believe in) sends down to us all! Far more than she should…. but do you know why? Because what we do, changes lives.

This evening, our MD engaged with young people…. a regular occurrence, it has to be said. You may ask, why? To educate future generations…. and not in family history, but in other more academic subjects. Two of three young people asked our MD about ‘the day job’ and she inspired them with stories. That’s what makes what we do worth doing. We tell stories…. in fact, we often track down hidden stories, and surprise the recipients of our tales ….!

What are you doing about finding your ancestors? You may be making great progress, but maybe you aren’t? Do you need the expertise of FWL?

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