Has it really started already?

28 November 2015

Facebook is full of it. The streets of Calne and Chippenham are full of it. Apparently, Christmas has arrived much earlier this year than I have ever known before in all my X years on this planet. I even asked a young person today – just in case I was really becoming an old granny/Scrooge – and he agreed that this was emphatically ‘too early’. But, the lights are on in Chippenham, thanks to actor and TV presenter, Warwick Davis. That’s quite some signing for the Christmas Lights, I’d say….!

Advertisements have filled our televisions and radios for weeks already and Black Friday purchases were (I am sure) made in preparation for the big day. We have a huge amount of work to complete and deliver to clients for Christmas. A family history binder is a very personal gift and we have nearly two dozen to research, write up, design, print, prepare and deliver in the next I-don’t-want-to-calculate-how-few days!

I do have to ask though – when is it reasonable for Christmas to begin? Some people (Mr FWL included) would say 24th December and no earlier. The Royal Mail would say that you have to be ready by 4th December if you want to get any post to the Middle East or Africa – though to be honest, that’s perhaps not crucial for all that many of us! Last recommended posting dates range from 4th to 18th (for what was Airmail) …. I best get cracking on the Christmas letter.

Each and every year, I write a letter to all my friends and family at Christmas. Some of them I keep in regular contact with (via Facebook, email, etc.) whilst with others, we catch up in one fell swoop in December! Time to get prepared once 1st December arrives. That’s Tuesday, I know, but not a moment before will it all begin in the FWL Office. Bah Humbug!

[Back to genealogy tomorrow….]

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