How? That’s all….

28 November 2015

…. I’d like to know. How am I still awake having slept through the three alarms this morning and woken up after the time I should have left the house?! [The alarms were set to go off some 3 hours and 30 minutes after I switched off the light!] How is the driver in front of me (at 6am) who decided to locate his fog lights (presumably to encourage me to remove myself from his rear end) rather than find the accelerator pedal, still on this planet and on four wheels?

It has been a long day and I – with the help of Ronnie and Gertrude – have covered a lot of miles, both en voiture et à pied. From HQ in Calne to Bath, back to HQ and onward to Reading…. then to almost Didcot and then back to base camp. Most of the day has been somewhat sedentary and so, the evening has been dictated by walks to ensure that the steps are done. Last night saw a very late night walk up and down the last train back to Chippenham to make it happen – thank heaven, not so late tonight, nor so challenging with regard to ‘walking in a straight line’. Train aisles – anyone will know – are not designed for most people to walk straight down once the train is moving, especially older individuals and those who have had a few bevvies! [That probably equates to about 70/75% of the train population, according to my rough calculation on the aforementioned late night train.]

How can the genealogy community be so supportive? Just this evening, a discussion about health and well-being developed into one about using Fitbits. Before, I was connected to a couple of genies. Now, a whole host of genies are collaborating to support and encourage each other to keep active and get our steps done each day. Why? Some of us have never even met. But, that’s what the community is all about.

How have I got through the day with so little coffee, so little Wifi access but bucket loads of energy? Adrenaline for the job I love, maybe? How did I land myself this job? Simple! I created it. End of.

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