Didn’t see that coming!

3 December 2015

Well, I kind of did…. I was watching out for it this morning! Chief in Charge of Post – Dawn – was a little later than we had hoped …. Bless her! We knew that she would need a pantechnicon to bring all our goodies today. Lots of contracts and identification, new case work from our favourite solicitors, certificates and letters galore…. it’ll take us the best part of the rest of this week to process it all!

Grand plans today and a small new estate list too, so that helped! One of them being a Jones, we left that for someone else to have a crack at. There is, after all, plenty of work to go around. This week, so far, we appear to have signed five cases. Really pleased…. and a lot of those case signings have been due to awesome team work as well as the outstanding customer service we offer at FWL.

What have I been up to today? A lot of miles …. sadly. And quite frankly, my experiences on the roads today are enough to write a book about. Some people are just so idiotic! Rather than make you wait for the publication, I’ll share the issues here….

I certainly did not see how the No. 55 bus driver thought that both he and I could fit on that bridge at the same time. Good job Ronnie has good brakes and I have good foresight, otherwise the outcome could have been very different. It is apparently considered to be a phantasmagorical plan to close one junction of a motorway overnight and divert people into Reading. Urm – no!!!! It is not! Just because we (the drivers) have to make our journey at this late hour, does not mean that we are ‘OK’ with an extra ‘heaven-knows-how-long’ added on to our already late trip to wherever we are headed. Not only that but there were a vast number of lane closures along the way which reduced us to one lane. Yuck.

The only good thing to come out of my return voyage is that I have buckets of energy and so, will hopefully clear lots of jobs before my head hits the pillow. What have I done differently today? Maybe I will have to do it again tomorrow ….

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