Circus performances and Mastermind

4 December 2015

I am neither a pancratist nor a urinator, you’ll be glad to hear….! However, you are probably wondering what those two words actually mean! A pancratist is a term used for a 19th-century gymnast and, whilst I am frequently referred to as a magician, I do not claim to have any gymnastic skills either in the circus arena, or otherwise.

Pulling rabbits out of hats – yup, I am good at that – and tight-rope walking is also most definitely part and parcel of the required FWL skill set. The more artistic parts of circus performance are not my forte, but I am a very visual and creative person on paper when it comes to presenting information to others.

One thing which is clearly a tremendous asset when managing a bonkers busy office is my ability to juggle. Literal juggling? No. I am absolutely terrible. However, metaphorical and business-related juggling, I could write a book – but the problem is, do I prioritise the book about awful drivers or the book about juggling?! There were several points this afternoon when I couldn’t remember what I was doing before the telephone rang, or before that email came in, or before that Skype message popped up…. It has been just so busy, with some fascinating documents flying before our eyes. Certificates from far flung places, the sight of which we have never seen before….

I know…. you have read this far and thought, “Come on – tell us! What the heck is a urinator?” A professional diver! I am certainly not one of those, having not seen a swimming pool for well over 12 months. Though, diving in and digging around is one of our specialities. Over the last 24 hours, we have put our masterminds to the two new cases referred by our favourite solicitor (the ones which arrived c/o Chief in Charge of Post yesterday). They have been researched by another company some years ago but never solved. Well, if our initial detective thoughts are correct, it’ll take us about two weeks to get to the nub of the issue and resolve the case.

Magicians R US. Masterminds United.

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