How wrong is wrong?

5 December 2015

On a daily basis, we have the dubious pleasure of ‘competing’ against our fellow ‘Heir Hunters’ to sign estates to FWL. Inevitably, when there are a number of beneficiaries within one estate, family members may sign with various different organisations. Without giving away any trade secrets, more often than not we can locate an email address or mobile/land line telephone number to contact a beneficiary or failing that, a Facebook or Linked In profile. No-one can hide from us!

This week, we have been chasing up some ‘loose ends’…. Connecting with some companies who have not shown their hand (i.e. the beneficiaries they act for) and others who have not provided valid identification for their clients. OK, so we are administrating the estate but that doesn’t mean that we have to jump through hoops, surely?!

So, here is a question for you…. which of the following IS a valid form of identification? A V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate? A letter issuing a Dining Card, connected to a NatWest bank account? A utility bill dated May 2015? A bank statement from October 2015? It is truly amazing how wrong wrong can be!

Chief in Charge of Post delivered a huge pile of paperwork today. Seven envelopes – not recorded or special delivery – arrived from a fellow ‘Heir Hunting’ company and not one of the case files was complete. Excuse me, but can a short birth certificate prove your identity!? The same goes for a copy birth certificate…. it will prove your lineage but will not prove your identity….!

There is a definitive list of documents accepted by the Government Legal Department on their website. Believe you/me, deviation from this is not possible at any level if we want our claims to be accepted. Processes are processes. Like them or not, they are there for a reason.

How wrong is wrong? Well, in my opinion, bucket loads of wrong. Said Heir Hunting company will be receiving a special delivery piece of my mind about the recent correspondence in due course and, I hope to goodness, will be resolving the outlined issues.

And in the meantime, onward…. to a busy weekend ahead….

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