Somewhere over the rainbow

6 December 2015

On a Friday, people often say “Thank goodness, it’s Friday. Let the weekend begin.” Not here. We work the weekends too. And there is never a dull moment….

Yesterday, I was out of the office for most of the day on appointments, so case work was at an absolute minimum. However, I took on a newly listed estate which other members of the team had sidelined to the ‘more challenging’ pile. Waving my magician’s wand, I cracked the case and called a niece of the deceased, leaving a message with her daughter as she was at work. Our Northern Office sent out a stack of letters to all the other potential beneficiaries and today, the ‘phone has been red hot. Although some people called on mobiles, I now have the dialling code for Walsall indelibly printed in my brain!!

Running such a busy company, it is certainly difficult to block off time for “deep work” – tasks which require deep concentration in order to progress. Developing lecture proposals, creating new ideas, projects etc. and anything else which moves the company forward, takes thought and quiet time. “Shallow work” is easy – well, not easy but easier – to knock off the ‘to-do’ list. Administrative things like emails, paperwork, filing and more…. Who told me about all these exciting tasks when I was thinking about setting up my own business? Erm, no-one! Thanks…!

Work is naturally walking to our door. However, that doesn’t mean it can be cracked as quickly as it finds us! The rainbow is colourful and dynamic…. each and every case/project has something different to bring to the table. Quite frankly, there is never a dull moment…. even in the wee small hours! [And no more dodgy ID to contend with today, although the other batch has departed this office stage right!]

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