Oh heck…. how is it only 18?

7 December 2015

Regular readers will know that I am not the world’s biggest fan of the event which happens annually in December. I don’t dislike it as such and business-wise, it is certainly a good time of year for us at FWL. However, it presents so many challenges…. not least, getting the post out on or before that looming ‘last day for posting‘ to whatever country in the world you need to mail cards, letters and gifts to…. and that’s not to mention the annual discussion of who is going where (family-wise), on which day and never pleasing all of the people. In fact, it’s generally a time when pleasing anyone is pretty challenging.

keep-calm-only-18-days-leftThe Christmas Meal …. it won’t be in the right venue for everyone and the menu won’t make everyone happy. The Christmas Presents …. are slightly easier these days as there are (family-wise) less people to buy for. We generally go for a Christmas list and then we know what everybody wants/needs. Secret Santa is always entertaining and sometimes, you get some really quirky/funny/useful presents.

It was perhaps surprise you enormously to know that the Christmas Tree is up in the FWL Office. When I say ‘up’, the tree itself is in situ. However last year, several of the fairy lights were not in full working order and so, rather than set up the tree in all its glory, with ten lights out, I decided to replace them prior to fully adorning the tree with decorations. Yes, you guessed correctly that it is not a real tree. The office has been rearranged and I am actually quite pleased with the location of the tree this year. We have moved a few boxes of personal belongings of deceased clients from said corner of the office and now, it looks much more jolly!

Early today, I was working with a lovely young man to improve his mathematical education and, after expressing his disappointment that this was our last get together before Christmas, his sister informed me that it is just 18 more sleeps until ‘The Big Day’. I thought, “You have got to be kidding me…. That’s ridiculous!!! There is far too much left to do for that to be true”. Sadly, it is. Oh my goodness me…. better get my skates on. Christmas Cards to be written, Christmas Shopping to be done. Please can Santa bring me an extra few days in the week for these tasks….? Please…..!!!!

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