Technology – a wonderful thing

11 December 2015

…. when it works! And oh, the woes when it doesn’t!

We all rely so heavily on technology these days. Imagine if you suddenly didn’t have a mobile phone…. Or your laptop decided that it didn’t want to play nicely…. Or the document you spent hours perfecting was corrupted/hadn’t saved…. So much can go wrong and normally at a time when you can ill-afford it to!

With just two weeks left until Christmas – I am sure someone has brought the date forward this year! – how much preparation do you still have to do? My first family Christmas card arrived yesterday and it hit me like a lightning bolt. My cousin, who is not best known for regular communications, has managed to write and send Christmas cards before me…. oh heavens…. Time to dig out the electronic list of people to send cards to, the address book (yes, the old fashioned version) and the pre-prepared labels (hmm…. I’m sure I did that once) and get writing. Yes, writing…. No technology there. Pen, cards, envelopes and stamps. Oh wait, the Christmas Letter!

Each year, I write a letter to all my contacts – friends, family and associates from yesteryear – to fill them in on the goings-on of the last twelve months. It’s quite cathartic looking back over the year and I enjoy receiving news from others too. Many cards come in from people I don’t speak to from one year to the next and, whilst it’s lovely to have a card with ‘Merry Christmas from X, Y and Z’, I much prefer the ‘Merry Christmas from A, B and C’ with a message, letter, photographs or whatever. Technology helps us to keep in touch more readily but not everyone is online, on Twitter, on Facebook, email etc.

Time to put the technology down – whether it’s working or not – and get writing those cards (after a very exciting day ahead, which I’ll tell you all about later!)

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