That was the day that was

11 December 2015

This morning starting in a somewhat different way – waking at 5:30am without an alarm, with my contact lenses still in and my laptop still on my lap! Hence, yesterday’s blog was a little later than yesterday. More like today….! Waking at 5:30am was fortuitous as I needed to leave the house by 6am, though how my internal body clock managed to allow me to sleep for exactly the right length of time, goodness knows!

The first appointment of the day was my usual start to a Friday – BNI Bath Parade. As always, a very positive meeting and a new (and potentially very fruitful) referral for us to another firm of solicitors who currently do not know of our existence …. I know – how is that possible!?

Leaving the FWL Team to their own devices is a challenge for me. I just can’t leave case work alone. So, although I was meant to be ‘off the tools’ today, I did manage to crack a quick problem this morning…. especially helped by the delay in the arrival of the film crew who were held up on the M4.

I have always said that I have a great face for radio though this year has seen two television appearances – well, two filming sessions this year…. one to be televised just before Christmas and this one (today) in 2016. A terrific (and unexpected) story line has played out this year and so, it is going to be featured on Family Finders in the second series. It’s all about adoption….

Talking through the research process and introducing the characters in our quest was really exciting. Recorded at Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre for a bit of ambiance, my part is Chapter One of the story and the crew are filming the other chapters over the next few days. The new series will be televised in Spring 2016, so watch this space!

In between all of this, work continued as usual and thankfully, the FWL Team managed stupendously in my absence (as they always do). Now, to Saturday…. some time off is needed soon but lots of work still to be completed prior to Christmas, so downtime will have to occur in small pockets (like 2am to 5:30am – when the body clock wakes me up!). Roll on Christmas Day, ish….

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