And I am telling you….

12 December 2015

…. I’m not going….”

The song, from the Broadway musical Dreamgirls, was sung by the character Effie White, a singer with the girl group The Dreams, to her manager, Curtis Taylor Jr., whose romantic and professional relationship with Effie was quickly ending. According to Wikipedia (so it must be right!): “… the lyrics to “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” are often considered [to be] the show’s signature tune, describing Effie’s love for Curtis, both strongly devoted and defiant. She refuses to let Curtis leave her behind, and boldly proclaims to him, “I’m staying and you … you’re gonna love me…“…”

Of course, the lyrics can be interpreted in many different ways – particularly, if individual lyrics are taken in isolation. “And I am telling you, I’m not going….”…. anywhere! Not too far from the truth on the 12th December…. Well, I have been somewhere but seriously, departures from the office have been few and far between – only as far as the Royal Mail collection office and the post office itself…. Oh and Sainsburys! It’s been an exciting life today – in fact, it frequently is! I really should consider purchasing shares in the Royal Mail – £58.85 today alone and that’s without any Christmas posting….

Many more family history reports have been completed, printed and delivered, although there is still much to be done in the week ahead. ‘Tis also the birthday of Mr FWL today so I have tried my level best not to work too much. Certain tasks needed to be completed and others will have to wait until tomorrow/Monday. We need to celebrate – in a manner of speaking and so, celebration = me downing tools for as long as possible!

Did you know that there is just one more weekend until Christmas Day? How did that happen? I am telling you …. I will get the Christmas cards done and I will be prepared for the Big Day. Somehow….! Will you? Please share any secrets to help me along the way!

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