Moving goalposts

15 December 2015

Oh, how I love it when the goalposts which are seemingly concreted firmly into the ground are suddenly – and without warningmoved. This week was already looking pretty crazy with deadlines coming at us thick and fast, but one of the tasks on next week’s list now needs to be completed by Thursday. Cue lots of unprintable vocabulary…. Did you know family histories don’t grow on trees? It’s true…. they take a lot of research and a huge amount more work to put together into some kind of comprehensible document, in whatever format the client wants.

When we take on projects, we like to know the client’s aims and objectives so that we can manage expectations in terms of the deliverable product. It’s not always possible to 100% guarantee what the end product will look like. Who knows where the research will take us? Sometimes, clients do not have a particular deadline for completion and are flexible, whereas with others we have no deadline set (always dangerous let’s face it) and suddenly, they want it yesterday!

And so, the office is covered in binders, acid-free document wallets, 120gsm paper and more…. and not for the client I thought I would be working for right now! Six for completion this week now…. and that’s before we look at the intestate estates we would dearly love to pay out before Christmas. Our Admin and Accounts Team are going to be busy!

We will, once again, be looking to expand the team in 2016. We have various projects from individual family histories to brick wall requests, adoptions to legal matters and everything in between. The job is nothing if not varied and you can work from anywhere in the world and be a part of our FWL ‘A’ Team. If you know anyone who might be interested, please pass them our details (or us theirs)…. 2015 has been an amazing year for us. 2016 promises to be even better.

Oh, and whoever they are …. they must be able to cope with moving goalposts!

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