Dear Father Christmas

16 December 2015

I know…. I know…. it’s rather late to be writing my letter to you this year. But do you know what….? This year has just been so enormously busy that I simply haven’t managed to find the time to write before now. I sincerely hope that I am not too late to be included on the Christmas Present list for 2015…. I can assure you that I have ‘been good’.

But Father Christmas, this year has not passed by without issues, you know. With success comes many challenges…. to maintain or to expand? DIY or DTO? And if you DTO, how can you ensure QoS? People buy people and so, if they buy me, how can I DTO?

DTO, in case you hadn’t gathered …. my dear FC …. means delegating to others. You delegate tasks to your elves, the reindeer and Mrs Christmas and you know that they will deliver. I have tried, over many years, to train the Ginger and Tabby FWL creatures to complete jobs independently but, to date, they have failed to show any independent skills or initiative. So, please FC, bring No. 1 and No. 2 feline friend of FWL some Whiskas or Felix in jelly for Christmas to keep them happy. In fact, they’d probably like that special cat milk too please, if you can stretch to that.

Team FWL are a different beast though…. a carefully hand-selected and dedicated team, passionate about the work we do, the Team just keep on digging, like a dog with a bone. So, I think that the most appropriate gift for them would be a spade or a shovel each. Some of them may wish to start with a small hand trowel before progressing to the larger scale shovel or spade, so I would recommend that you get a variety of sizes in to keep your options open on Christmas Eve.

And then there is me…. well, FC…. I am not really sure what I would like this year. To be honest, that’s partly why I have refrained from writing until now! There isn’t a particular item I have been wishing for all year – apart from an extra day in the week and/or an extra few hours in a day, which we often discuss.

My dear FC, surprise me this year please ….! I have tried to surprise others this year and I have made a conscious effort to keep in touch with dear friends/colleagues/acquaintances (old and new). I personally really don’t need much FC. Just the odd little ‘stocking filler’ will do me just fine so that I have a gift or two to open on ‘The Big Day’. Does that sound reasonable? I sure hope so….!

With very best wishes for the festive season, MD@FWL

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