Are you Christmasly-challenged?

17 December 2015

It would appear that some people in my area have already been Christmasly-challenged. For those readers not living near me, the weather is (currently) very mild for the time of year. I think we have only had one frosty morning and, whilst it has been very wet on certain occasions (more so up in the northern parts of the country), there is no white stuff. I think this is part of the reason why I am not feeling enormously Christmasy. Anyways, I have noticed over the past two weeks that a few local structures have come into closer contact with moving vehicles than is good for them.

The central roundabout in Chippenham has a building or two in the middle – hence the ‘island’ (centre) of the roundabout is quite large! In some parts, it is flanked by a wall as (perhaps) one might expect. Well, a not insignificant part of said brickwork has been demolished, clearly by a vehicle of some sort which decided that veering off the main road and up the pavement into a solid wall was a stonking idea. Much metal work in the form of lights and panels have been left at the scene for posterity.

ChilvesterSimilarly, when I was on one of my many trips to the post office, it was a lot more congested with traffic in the town centre of Calne (the location of HQ FWL) than usual. For the life of me, I could not fathom why, as there didn’t seem to be a greater volume of vehicles…. We do have a rather odd ‘give-way’ section (where one direction of traffic has priority over the other – rarely works!) in the middle of the town, owing to listed buildings on both sides of a single lane road. That frequently causes a few issues but this was way more….

I passed through the narrow section, over the pedestrian crossing and drove up to the next roundabout which is just like a T-junction in shape. Someone had managed to drive over the roundabout and instead of turning 90 degrees, managed just 45. Unfortunately, the offices of Chilvester Chartered Financial Planners is at 45 degrees and their front wall has been damaged. How on earth this could have happened – at about 4pm! – is beyond me….Christmasly-challenged person strikes again?

Driving in these mild conditions should make things easier, surely?! I guess not if you are Christmasly-challenged!

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