Faith, Hope, Charity…. and Luck

18 December 2015

“Tis the season to be jolly…. Fa la la la la, la la la la….”. That’s about as much of Deck The Halls as I can grace you with, you will no doubt be pleased to hear! I seem to recall (without using Monsieur Google) that the rest of the lyrics are a bit odd, with trolls, harps, lads and lasses…. or is my memory playing tricks on me?

Anyway…. a couple of interesting people to share with you, located recently by the team (and one, earlier today). Mr Charles Henry Luck married Miss Harriet Hope in December quarter 1897 in Hailsham Registration District (RD) in Sussex. I wonder if they were lucky in love or if she hoped for more from Charles??!

Faith Hope Charity Brown has long been known to me – born June quarter 1892. However, there is more than one! This one marries in 1911 in Medway RD but there is another one born in 1912 who dies in 1920 (both events in Hastings RD), and a death for one aged 49 in Dover RD in December quarter 1945…. and a marriage in 1972 in Ware RD…. I wonder how many Faith Hope Charity Brown‘s one country needs?! And why are they all Brown? Well, they aren’t! There are 136 records for Faith H* C* on FreeBMD and some even include AND in their names: Faith Hope AND Charity Barratt (born 1846 Exeter RD) and Faith Hope AND Charity Perkins (married 1857 Marylebone). What on earth next….?! Oh Faith Hope Charity Peace born in Ashby-de-la-Zouch in 1864!

In December quarter 1936, Faith B. I. H. Luck was born. Hmm…. am I the only one wondering what her middle names were? I very much doubt it! Strange though it may seem, no sign of her after her birth registration at the moment.

I know that my parents carefully considered my name before I was born, down to giving me sensible initials, not those of a Dutch Airline! Seemingly, I am one of the lucky ones as clearly not everyone thinks these things through in as much depth.

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