Christmas Card etiquette

19 December 2015

I like receiving Christmas cards. This week, I have received several handfuls, interspersed with certificates, case updates, bills, bank statements and so forth. I still haven’t written my cards as yet. That’s a job for Sunday …. welcome to another day of not resting! I am intrigued though about the etiquette surrounding this annual event. Sending Christmas cards is apparently a holiday tradition that began all the way back in 1843, when Sir Henry Cole and John Horsley designed the very first Christmas card. Since then, millions of Christmas cards have been given and received in a gesture of goodwill and friendship.

My question is: How does a card show goodwill and friendship? I guess it shows that someone thought of you enough to send you a card but how does someone writing “Dear Kirsty … Love X and Y” in a card, writing an address on an envelope and putting a postage stamp on it constitute goodwill and friendship? Whilst I like receiving them all, I’d love to hear more, when you have the time!

Many friends, colleagues, family and associates have already apologised to others on social media channels – blogs, Facebook etc. – that they haven’t had time (nor will they) to write cards this year. I hope not to be one of those people but whatever happens, the overseas cards and small gifts will not stand a chance of arriving on time for the Big Day!

It is, according to the article entitled “7 Things You Should Know About Christmas Card Etiquette“, very important to write and send out cards early. Hm….. moving swiftly on! They say that digital cards should be avoided and always include a return address (amongst other things).

The BBC Magazine featured an interesting article along similar lines in 2013 and discusses the issues of bulk buying cards and the revival of the Round Robin. My Round Robin is top of the list for tomorrow before getting the cards written. In fact, today might be even better if it can fit into the schedule. I like hearing news from others (as I have commented before) and cannot see the point of  just sending “Dear Kirsty … Love X and Y” if I haven’t seen you this year and am unlikely to see you next year either. What’s going on in your world? I’d like to know. I don’t expect a personal handwritten letter or note in the card. A Round Robin would be lovely! Please…..

Today is a day of Christmas. I have finally managed to order some presents (hurrah!) and tonight is our Christmas meal for BNI. Guess who has organised that….? In the midst of all this bonkers-ness….?

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