Whatever floats your boat?

22 December 2015

As regular readers will know, these last few weeks have been busier than ever at FWL. We have been asked by more than a dozen clients to produce family history gifts of various kinds for Christmas 2015 and the production line has been running into the wee small hours to meet delivery deadlines. Thank heaven for Office Evolution, that’s all I can say! In the early part of the year, we were running the office on various DeskJet printers and flat-bed scanners. It barely seems possible in hindsight and, although it is ‘an expense’, by crikey is it worth it!

Each and every client project is different. No two boats are the same and the aims and objectives of each voyage are specific to each customer. We often ask, “What floats your boat?” or a variation on that theme as it’s crucial to understand what the customer wants so we can gauge our chances of delivering on the specification. Sounds crazy right? Your client tells you what they want and you deliver…. Erm, not necessarily!!

The records might not be available, the mission may be flawed from the outset…. For example: “Please can you find a photograph of my great-great-grandmother, who was born in 1841?” Highly unlikely, I would have to say!

Genealogy is not the same as other professions, like plumbers, electricians, solicitors, accountants, etc. In most occupations, there is ‘an answer to the problem’…. a way forward to achieve the desired outcome (or at least, the best possible outcome). “Can you fix my boiler?”…. the answer may be “No!” but the plumber can replace your boiler…. You get the picture.

What floats your boat? What do you really want to find out about in your family tree? Is there someone who you have lost contact with? Is there someone who has apparently vanished? Whatever it is that floats your boat, get in touch with us here at FWL and we’ll do our utmost to unfurl your sails and set you sailing in 2016!

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