The office is now closed

24 December 2015

It is official. The offices of FWL are closed. For three whole days. And so, it is time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Today, we have cleaned the office – filed more paper than we’ve had hot dinners this week (or, for that matter, for the last month!) and even completed projects and cracked new cases …. and on Christmas Eve! It’s time to switch off for the festive season. We won’t be away long…. some of us will be working Monday through Thursday next week. FWL work stops only for Santa!

Santa Claus Losack‘s birth was registered in 1891 in Holborn – in the March quarter? More than likely a Christmas birth, registered in the New Year…. But what happened to Santa Claus? A few years ago, I discovered that there are various Santa Claus references in the 1911 census – including Santa Claus stocking makers – and also several Xmas/Christmas cracker manufacturers. It is certainly the time to find some comedy names at this time of year!

Some people have recently been circulating the well-known census for the Harris family – William NumberOne, NumberTwo etc. and Betsy NumberOne, etc. Harris…. But is anyone connected with Thomas NumberTwo Poulten, born in June quarter 1892 in Holborn? He was a brass finisher in 1911…. (without his middle name being recorded!)….

Would you believe that Alfred Rudolphe Deere was born in Lambeth in June quarter 1887? There is – some would say, unfortunately – no-one called Christmas Pudding. Disappointing…. but there are some Puddings! The biggest mouthful is Hephzibah Pudding who married in Newington Registration District (RD) in September quarter 1845. I am pretty sure that if my surname was Pudding, I might be heading for the ‘Deed Poll name change‘ forms….!

Anyway, before I head into the realms of total stupidity, it really is time to switch off for Christmas. Merry Christmas to all our readers. We will continue to blog over the festive season but if you ring, you will almost certainly get the answer machine!

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